Crushing a mino castle

Below are some examples to show common ways of attacking the Mino castle. A few things worth taking note are:

  1. Using Bishop + Knight combination
  2. Using double Knight attack
  3. Edge attacks against Mino
  4. Bottom attacks against Mino

1. Using Bishop + Knight combination :


Black can checkmate White’s King in his own castle! The following moves are N*74, K71, G*82 checkmate.


Here Black should play N*74. If K71 or K92 after N*74 , G*82 checkmate. So White is forced to play Px74. Black then goes B*55, forking King and Rook. Note: If Black plays B*55 first, White replys R24!, N*74, Rx74!!! So move order is essential here.


Should Black play N*74 now? Well, NO!!! If N*74, King can’t run , yes , but Px74, B*46, forking K and R, but B*55, Bx28, N*87 and Black’s King is checkmated! So.. in this case, Black should go B*46 first, and White play B*55, Bx28. This time White has no Knight so he can only play Bx28+. Be careful, move order really counts!!

Now lets move the edge pawn on 13 to 14, giving the King an escaping route through the edge.


This one is pretty difficult. But there is a checkmate line here. Can you try to solve it?



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